I help the highly sensitive and empathic overcome the overwhelming and live with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

It's a lot sometimes. The 24-hour news cycle, worries about the world, stressful people. Even the good stuff, like a new opportunity or relationship--or coming out of lockdown!--can feel like too much.

All of this is more intense if you're highly sensitive or very empathic, because you're taking in much more than other people, and feeling it all so deeply. It can be upsetting, confusing, and exhausting. 

But it doesn't have to be that way! You can learn to embrace and nurture your sensitivity and empathy as the superpowers they are.

Ok, so let's get specific. 

The American Psychological Association defines Empathy as: Understanding a person from his or her frame of reference rather than one’s own, or vicariously experiencing that person’s feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. Merriam-Webster defines Empath as: One who experiences the emotions of others.

Psychologist Elaine Aron, who coined the term, says a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, displays increased emotional sensitivity, stronger reactivity to both external and internal stimuli, and a complex inner life. 

You care about others and understand their perspectives in ways most cannot. You feel and think deeply. You have creative and innovative ideas, but are often afraid to share them. It's time to embrace your potential and become the caring, insightful, and confident badass you were meant to be.

Because the world needs you!

And let me be clear. When I say "the world needs you," I'm not doing that loud, coachy, marketing thing. I say it with 100% sincerity, because the world is in desperate need of more sensitivity and empathy.


We need the highly sensitive and empathic to realize and embrace their power; to take their places in the world as the amazing creators, helpers, adventurers, performers, teachers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders they can be. 

Hi I'm Juliet! I was a private investigator for 15 years, working for the defense in capital murder cases. Before that I was a professional flamenco dancer and singer. Add to this my absolute favorite pass time, solo international travel, and it might not seem like the best life for an empath and HSP.

I've learned we can live our dreams --even if they're big and scary--

while remaining true to our intuitive, open-hearted, sensitive selves.

I got my bachelor of science degree in psychology and completed hundreds of hours of training in personal coaching, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, mysticism, biofeedback, and stress management.


I became a Reiki master to learn more about energy work, then completed an 800 hour massage therapy program-and started my own practice--to learn more about healing, somatic awareness, and the body/mind connection.

I've combined my education and experience to help other highly sensitive empaths overcome the overwhelming. so they can focus on pursuing their passions and bringing their important gifts to the world.


How it works


You already have all you need to create a life full of meaning and deep fulfillment. In your sessions we'll use positive psychology-based coaching, somatic awareness, and mindfulness techniques to turn down the volume on outside feelings, judgements, worries, demands, and "shoulds." You learn to hear the crystal clear voice of your own intuition which will guide you to your purpose.

We refine your vision and create a plan  with concrete and actionable steps so you can make it a reality.

I meet with clients from all over the world, by phone or video, for 45 mins per session. We generally meet one or two times a week, short term or ongoing. The process is flexible and we create your unique program together. We focus on moving past overwhelm so you can get motivated and create your life your way, with clarity and confidence. 


45 minute virtual Empath Coaching rates through July 31, 2021:

1 session $80

    4 sessions $300 

    8 sessions $560 

If you're ready for clarity and change, fill out the application below to book a free, no obligation, discovery call and we'll talk about you, your goals, and how Empath Coaching works. After that you can book your sessions and we can get started!