I'm Juliet, mindfulness coach

for highly sensitive and empathic souls. 

I've always been a combination of restless adventurer and highly sensitive empath--feeling so easily overwhelmed by the world but also almost constantly hungry for new experiences and challenges.

I was a private investigator for 15 years, working for the defense in capital murder cases. Before that I was a professional flamenco dancer and singer. Add to this my absolute favorite pass time, solo international travel, and it might not seem like the best life for an empath and HSP.

For years I was a little (ok, maybe a lot!) freaked out by the high stakes. I fed off the adrenaline and did all kinds of unhealthy things to make myself less sensitive to the huge amount of energy, emotion, and extra information I was taking in from the people and world around me.

I thrived while conducting prison interviews, creating transcendent moments onstage, and traveling--light and alone--overseas. But I was driven to exhaustion and distraction by crowds, loud noises, small-talk, and sometimes just the everyday minutiae and pressures of being a responsible adult--or at least, what I thought an adult was supposed to be!

I was alternating between playing it safe and numbing my feelings of overwhelm...

This lead to people pleasing, commitment fears, flimsy boundaries, imposter syndrome, and drinking too much wine to handle socializing with people I didn't want to talk to, in places I really didn't want to be anyway.

With my high sensitivity, unboundaried empathy, a mercurial sense-of-self, I alternated between hiding, numbing, and feeling burned-out. It's no surprise that it wasn't working out great long-term!


There had to be a better way.


A healthy way to have adventures and follow my passions while respecting and protecting my shape-shifting, outsider nature and my sensitive, empathic heart and soul.

Juliet Cardinal, Flamenco Dancer; photo by Monique Buell
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Photo by Monique Buell

My answer turned out to be a holistic approach combining positive psychology, mysticism, somatic awareness, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.

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Photo by Scott Becker

I already had my degree in psychology and a lifetime interest in all things mystical and spiritual. To that I added hundreds of hours of training in personal coaching, mindfulness, meditation, biofeedback, and stress management.


I became a Reiki master to learn more about energy work and turn up the volume on my intuition. Next I completed an 800 hour program in massage therapy, and started my own practice. This taught me more about healing, somatic awareness, and the body/mind connection. 

I combined my education and experience to create a holistic, co-active, and mindful approach to coaching.

I help other empaths learn to embrace and protect their sensitive, open-hearted selves, while claiming their dreams and adventures, and  bringing their gifts to the world 

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Empathy is the most precious human quality.






-the dalai lama

Let me help you make the world a better place