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How I Manifested My Flamenco Career

A Practical Approach to Manifestation.

Angel numbers, scripting, affirmations, The Secret, etc. People make Manifestation sound mysterious and magical. And it definitely has that side. There are ways to manifest some things purely through focused intention and energy.

But I'd like to bring it down to earth a little...My hybrid approach to manifestation blends the magical with the very practical.

It's the perfect approach when your goal requires making a lot of changes in the physical world. It makes it possible for people to start entirely new phases in life by doing things like going back to school, moving to another city or country, or creating a brilliant new career (My friend Barbara's story is a great example. She ran off and joined the Peace Corps at the age of 62 after a heartbreaking divorce. Read it here if you missed it).

Combining the magical with the down-to-earth also works for less dramatic changes that still involve a lot of steps, like going minimalist, getting healthy, or learning to speak a new language or play a musical instrument.

I call this hybrid approach Practical Manifestation.

I like to think of Practical Manifestation as a sort of translation from one level of reality into a another. You're translating your dream or vision into the physical world. This requires you to function on both levels simultaneously. That's why I call it a hybrid approach.

Level One - Vision

The first level is the conceptual. You are using your imagination to get a clear vision of your aspiration or goal. This is when you might use things like affirmations, scripting, rituals, vision boards, or journaling about your goal or future.

Even daydreaming about big success can be a powerful part of this first manifestation level. Whatever it takes for you to get so much clarity in your vision that you begin to believe in it as a possibility.

This is an important step—and it can be powerful all on its own. But some dreams and visions require more. if you want to manifest big, real world, changes in your life, you generally need to include level two.

Level two - Physical Reality

To manifest big changes in our lives, we need to follow up on our vision by taking consistent, real-world actions to support it.

This takes sustained energy and focus, and it's easy to get tired or discouraged. This is why you need to maintain the vision you developed in level one. It provides the inspiration necessary to keep you going.

The Iceberg Illusion

Think of big success like an iceberg. People only see the tiny tip of the final results, but 90% of that iceberg is under the surface. It represents a lot of energy and time spent on attaining result that look so magical and impossible to others.

I love this illustration from Sylvia Duckworth because it lays it out so clearly. But it doesn't explain what keeps people dedicated to their vision during those moments of failure, sacrifice, and disappointment on their way to big success.

That's when you need to rely on the inspiration of the clear and focused vision you created in level one.

Don't be Afraid to Think Big

People can create some amazing new realities in their lives if they believe in themselves and their vision strongly enough to follow up with focused and consistent action. The end results might look like luck, magic, or rare talent, but the reality likely wasn't so mysterious or exclusive. Practical Manifestation can work wonders!

You can create new realities for yourself that really do seem too good to be true. So for right now, try not to worry about whether your goal is practical or even possible...

Like becoming a professional flamenco dancer. Not much about that seemed practical or possible to me at the time. But it's a good example of how the two levels work together. Here’s how it happened:

Level One - Vision

Many years ago, I had a sudden inspiration that I needed to become a flamenco dancer. It took up residence in my heart and refused to be ignored. I was about 30 years old, finishing a psychology degree, and living in a small town with no flamenco studio. Online courses weren’t even an option back then!

I had no idea why I wanted to dance flamenco, whether I’d be any good at it, or what I’d do if I could achieve excellence. But I wanted it in my heart, soul, and bones. It was like being madly in love. It didn’t make any sense at all…but it was all that mattered to me.

Level Two - Physical Reality

So, I had the first part of manifestation down. I had my vision and it was crystal clear. But if I wanted to achieve that vision, I needed to include level two. I needed to start taking steps to translate my flamenco vision into the physical reality of my life. I did a lot of research and found a dance studio several hours away that taught the exact style of flamenco dance I was looking for. I drove up to observe some classes.

My first flamenco studio in a parking lot behind the sketchy convenience store.

It was a rough, one-room studio on the ground floor of an oddly-shaped, run-down little building, at the back of a parking lot, behind a sketchy convenience store.

But the vibe, the music, and the dancing were exactly in line with my vision.

So I got to work taking actions in the physical world to support my vision. A couple months later I was living in a little apartment, just a few blocks from the dance school. I used the tiny bit of money I had left to take every class I could, while looking for a job that wouldn’t conflict with the school’s schedule.

I walked into those beginning dance classes feeling nervous and knowing nothing. New steps and choreography seemed impossible, but I didn’t give up.

Each awkward beginner’s class was a step I needed to take to realize my dream.

In southern Spain for flamenco studies!

I practiced for hours a day and continued to focus on my vision by watching advanced classes and consuming all the flamenco dance and music recordings I could find. Day after day, week after week, month after month, pretty much all I thought about was flamenco. I got better quickly, and before too long, I was asked to teach a couple of dance classes.

When I got into the advanced level here in the US, I headed to southern Spain--traveling abroad for the first time (and paying for most of it on my credit card. Eeek!)

Back in the States, I soon found myself teaching several classes a week, performing for big audiences, and getting paid for all of it. We were getting rave reviews in the papers for sold out shows, and strangers were recognizing me. Most importantly, of course, I had manifested my vision and I was living my "impossible" dream.

It was a huge amount of hard work, and it was an absolute joy. In flamenco I had found the most profound artistic expression I’d ever known. I had manifested my vision into physical reality. But it was only because I was willing to do anything I could in service of that vision.

I’ve manifested some fun and exciting things in my life. But when I didn't succeed--or when it was way harder than it needed to be--it was because I wasn't able to believe in myself strongly or consistently enough to translate my vision into physical reality.

This is true of my coaching clients as well. They generally have all they need to achieve their goals but their inner critic won't let them see it.

Most of us have outdated, limiting stories and ideas that keep us from believing in ourselves with enough strength and clarity to fuel the action necessary to achieve our goals.

But just recognizing these limiting stories and ideas is half the battle and that’s often where manifestation needs to start. Be on the lookout for more on that side of Practical Manifestation coming soon. Subscribe to have it sent right to your inbox.

Using Practical Manifestation to make big changes in life isn't always easy, but it can be simple--as long as you maintain your clear vision and keep taking action to support it. Consistent, focused, action fueled by deep and resilient belief in your vision can help you claim your dreams.✪

P.S. If you have questions about Practical Manifestation--or stories about how you translated a vision into your physical reality—please get in touch and let me know. Or schedule a one-on-one session and we can work out a strategy for you to manifest your own visions, goals, and dreams. Learn more here.

My mission is to help each highly sensitive and empathic person wake up to their power, brilliance, and authentic path. Please get in touch if you have any questions, stories, or want to schedule a one-on-one session to explore your soul's purpose.

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