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Big Empathy: Weakness or Gift to the World?

A highly empathic woman recently contacted me for help...

Her own strong emotions, combined with the feelings of those around her and her worries about the world, were becoming overwhelming. She explained in her email that she had always been highly sensitive...

She could sense what others were feeling, emotionally and physically. Because of this she tended to control her exposure to crowds and potentially dramatic situations. She was missing out on opportunities and social events that were important to her.

But lately things had become even more intense. Her husband was laid off. His feelings of worry and guilt about not being able to support his family were running high. She was picking up on these emotions of his, in addition to her own financial stress and her usual feelings of overwhelm.

To make matters worse, her husband wouldn’t talk about what he was going through. He wouldn't even acknowledge how stressed out he was.

This was creating tension and distance between them that she couldn't ignore or tune out. She was getting headaches and having trouble sleeping.

By chance, she came across my Are You an Empath Quiz on social media, and realized that she was almost certainly an empath. Instead of reading my results email--explaining why being an empath is mostly amazing--she headed straight to Google.

Unfortunately, if you do an online search for “empath” you’ll get back a lot of results that make it look like being highly empathic is mostly about fragility and overwhelm! And so far, this had been her experience in life.

So after an evening of online research, she’d decided that the way to solve her problem was to find a way to shut down her big empathy.

She felt that she had diagnosed herself as an “empath,” like it was a mental illness. She wanted to schedule some coaching sessions with me, hoping I could help her stop being highly empathic. Even if this were possible, it's the last thing I'd want to do.

While she thought there was something wrong with her, I knew there was actually something very, very right with her.

I let her know that I would love to work with her, but maybe not in the way she wanted. I help empaths learn to handle their sensitivity and embrace it's many gifts. I explained that she could learn to deal with the challenges of her big empathy while enhancing and harnessing its gifts and power for a more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful life.

I know this is possible because I see my clients making that progress every day! They build stronger and more mindful relationships with their intuitive selves. They learn to handle the distractions and stimulation coming from the world around them. You can do this on your own as well.

Find ways to clear your busy mind, making it easier for you to sense your own feelings, motivations, and intuition with clarity. This will help you learn to love and use your sensitivity and empathy.

Find what works for you. Meditation, grounding, dancing, gardening, and time spent in nature or with animals, are all ways you can quiet your mind and soothe the feelings of overwhelm. I promise you the benefits will be worth the effort.

Empathy is essential. On the most basic level, it helps us to see another person’s point of view. It allows us to be compassionate, caring, and understanding. Being highly empathic helps you connect more deeply with others, making you a better friend, parent, family member, coworker, and partner.

Empaths can understand what others need. They can communicate with deep understanding, which also makes them better bosses, interviewers, counselors, and healers of all kinds.

In addition to being able to relate so well to others, empaths are generally very intuitive. When they learn to tune into their intuition they can access vast creativity and spirituality.

Most truly great teachers, speakers, artists, and other creators are highly empathic. Because of their profound connection to others, they can translate their own experience and inspiration in ways that are resonant and relatable for others.

“Our innate capacity for empathy is the source of the most precious of all human qualities.” Dalai Lama

We need you, Empath! We need your caring example in leadership. Accept the fact that your sensitivity and empathy are truly gifts to the world. Embrace them as strengths you can develop and grow.

In our sessions together, this newly discovered empath is now acquiring tools and insights, while starting to realize her big potential. I don’t think she fully understands yet what a huge gift she is to those around her--and to the world in general--but we’re working on it!

P.S. If you have questions or stories about being highly empathic, please get in touch and let me know. Or schedule a one-on-one session. Learn more here.

Are You an Empath? Take the quiz now to find out!

My mission is to help each highly sensitive and empathic person wake up to their power, brilliance, and authentic path. Please get in touch if you have any questions, stories, or want to schedule a one-on-one session to explore your soul's purpose. Please share this article on social media if you think you might know other Empaths and HSPs who could benefit.

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