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Empath Archetypes Part Three: The Warrior

Warrior Empaths are the activists and advocates. They are The guardians and protectors of those who cannot defend themselves.

In his book, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, Chögyam Trungpa writes that, “The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.”

Like all empaths, Warriors care deeply, and to their cores. Because of their high levels of empathy and big compassion, they feel the injustice and inequity in the world more deeply than most.

Warriors want to make a difference and refuse to give up. Unlike many empaths, they often put themselves in stressful or adversarial situations in the name of their cause.

Some Warrior Empaths dedicate their lives to fundraising, campaigning, or writing about controversial issues like animal cruelty, climate change, or reproductive freedom. Others fulfill their mission in the courtroom or non-profit, defending and supporting underserved communities. Still others can be found in the crowds and chaos of street protests and rallies, fighting for social justice or equity.

Some Warrior Empaths can even find a way to thrive on these intense energies, instead of feeling depleted by them. When surrounded by others who share their values and purpose, they can connect at a deep level.

Because of their empathic sensitivity, they can feel their own emotions and values being expressed through the actions of the collective.

Empaths generally prefer to have a lot of alone time. Most enjoy solitude and need it to recharge. While the Warrior might not feel as overwhelmed in the moment by strong emotions, the intensity can be draining over time. This is especially true when connecting intentionally with other members of a movement, organization, or team, and it can lead to burn out.

Mindfulness and self-awareness are essential. It's necessary for Warrior Empaths to remain conscious of how they are feeling emotionally, energetically, and physically.

This is true at a protest, in a courtroom, or any other situation where emotions and stakes tend to run high. They need to choose their battles carefully, and to take time to rest in between.

In addition to resting, taking time alone--before, during, and after intense situations—is helpful for the Warrior. They are also served by focusing on their higher purpose when things get tough and progress is slow. This is true for people who embody the Healer Empath Archetype as well (learn more about the Healer).

Metta—or loving kindness--meditation can be helpful in promoting universal compassion and staying above the reflexive negativity of the struggle.

Whether their battle is in the courtroom, politics, the streets, or on the page, Empaths don’t thrive long-term on anger, outrage, or competition.

The healthy Warrior Empath focuses, not on defeating their opponents, but on standing up for those they feel called to defend.

Most of all, Warrior Empaths need to remember to take care of themselves--the way they take care of everyone else--and resist the urge to try to save everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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