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Three Surprising Manifestation Blocks

What if you can’t seem to move your goals out of your daydreams and into real life?

Last week I described the basics of a hybrid approach to Manifestation which blends the magic of your inspired vision with the practicality of focused and sustained action. (Read it here: How I manifested My Flamenco Career). Practical Manifestation requires working on two levels simultaneously until you’ve realized your dream.

In Level One you use your imagination to get a clear vision of your aspiration or goal. This is when you might use things like affirmations, vision boards, journaling, or even daydreaming.

In Level Two you follow up on your vision by taking focused and consistent, real-world actions to support it. (Learn more)

But what if you keep getting stuck and can’t find a way to turn your dreams into reality?

Below are three common causes of blocked manifestation. The first two are pretty simple and can be addressed with more awareness or a change of mindset. The third reason is a little more complicated but definitely worth taking on.

1. You're Leaving Out Half the Process

To Manifest, you need both the inspired vision and the focused action to support it. But a lot of people are only working with only one or the other.

Some are great with the big picture but don't how to follow up. They do a lot of ambitious daydreaming then sit and wait for their vision to manifest on its own.

Others are great with detail, organization, and action. They do lots of hard work but don’t stop to make sure it’s actually leading to a future they want--one that will bring them purpose and meaning.

Most of us are way more comfortable doing one or the other, and that’s where we put in our effort. But if we want to manifest an idea into the physical world we need to maintain a crystal-clear vision of what we want while also taking focused actions to bring that vision into reality.

2. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed!

Manifesting some goals and dreams can involve a lot of steps. Definitely too many to think about all at one time! In fact, if you try to think about the entire process, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up before you really get started.

It’s important to focus on one step at a time—just the one coming up next--without worrying too much about how you’ll handle the steps way down the road.

This is how we can keep from getting tired, discouraged, and overwhelmed.

You Don’t Believe

I’ve manifested some fun and rewarding adventures over the years. But sometimes I let fear and self-doubt hold me back from realizing my goals. Most often, I eventually manage to achieve what I want, but suffer way more stress and anxiety than I need to along the way.

Too much fear and self-doubt can delay your dreams--or keep Practical Manifestation from taking place at all--because they block you at the visionary and daydreaming phase.

Just when you let yourself start to get excited about your plans, that inner-critic likes to jump in to tell you all the reasons you’re not up for the challenge.

Please remember that critical voice isn’t necessarily right. Generally, it’s not your intuition or wisdom...

A lot of the time, that inner-critic is just our overly protective, ego-self that doesn’t want us to try anything new. It likes to keep us in the very center of our comfort zone. This might feel safer, but in order to learn, grow, or accomplish new goals, we need to venture into the unknown.

It's no surprise that my clients and I spend some time dealing with this fearful, self-doubting ego-self in our intuitive coaching sessions. Manifesting changes in our lives is what coaching is all about and that takes courage. Courage to try, fail, and try again, until we reach our goals.

We all have this ego self that doesn’t want us to get hurt, rejected, or experience any failure. But the only way we can really fail is if we don’t try at all.

P.S. Read last week's manifestation article here. Also, If you have questions about Practical Manifestation--or stories about how you translated a vision into your physical reality—please get in touch and let me know. Or schedule a one-on-one session and we can work out a strategy for you to manifest your own visions, goals, and dreams. Learn more here.

My mission is to help each highly sensitive and empathic person wake up to their power, brilliance, and authentic path. Please get in touch if you have any questions, stories, or want to schedule a one-on-one session to explore your soul's purpose.

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