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You Are So F*cking Amazing!

And let me tell you why...

Most people seem to have a hard time celebrating themselves. I see it in my clients and friends, and I see it in myself. We don’t seem to know--or just can’t accept--that we have substantial gifts to offer the world. A big part of my coaching work is helping my clients see their unique strengths, talents, and potential.

In our sessions, we reframe the limiting beliefs that hide their gifts and hold them back in life. We refine their vision, define their strengths, and create actionable plans, so they can go into the world with more clarity, courage, and confidence.

It's so easy for me to see the stunning and unique potential of my clients. But when the session's over--and I go back to thinking about my own life--I sometimes feel shades of that same anxiety and self-doubt they talked about.

I feel the same fear about new phases in life, projects I’m working on, and the chances I’m taking.

But it's important to remember that nagging anxiety and self-doubt don't come from the wisest parts of us. They creep in with the shadows of old identities, disillusionment and heartbreak. They come from the ego-self, which is programmed simply to protect us at all costs. Its only goal is to keep us safe. They have no interest in growth, passion, dreams, or building a meaningful or adventurous life.

Our protective ego-self just wants to keep us scared enough of the unknown that we remain in familiar territory.

Our anxious ego tells us, “the old way works fine and it’s familiar! Why take a chance on something new and risky?”

And this fearful, self-doubting part of us can be so powerful! I wonder at the immense and relentless gravitational pull of its message. It plays on repeat, convincing us to play small, color within the lines, and believe that we are ordinary.

But we are actually reflections of the divine. We are timeless souls, incarnate here on Earth to learn, love, discover, and create. We're here to take risks and overcome our fears. To become our larger and more powerful selves.

"There is stardust in your veins. We are literally, ultimately children of the stars." Jocelyn Bell Burnell

We try so hard to hold onto identities that are small enough for our Earth-bound, logical brains to understand. We define ourselves with roles we outgrew years ago--maybe even incarnations ago! We give in and play small. We cling to old stories about who we are, no matter how limiting and painful. Simply because they are familiar; and the familiar feels safer.

But when clinging to the familiar keeps us trapped in old and limiting stories about ourselves, there is nothing more dangerous.

Our joy and sense of purpose are postponed, denied, and ignored as the years to go by. And we let that time pass by--as if we're sitting on the curbside, watching others in a parade. We let unconscious, emotionally triggered fears and limitations from our families, our past, and our culture hold us in place. Keep us trapped in our boxes.

So how can we recognize and acknowledge our greatest potential and embody our amazing self?

It feels risky to redefine yourself. To accept that you are a channel for inspiration and to follow your passion and curiosity into the unknown.

Whatever brings joy to your heart and lightness to your being is a clue to finding the path to your amazing self.

When you find and follow your unique and authentic path--wherever it leads--that is the way to your own true greatness. Your amazing self. And there's no one else who can live your dream or vision like you can. So please don't define yourself by comparisons to others. Don't restrict yourself by how others define you. They don’t need to understand. They don't need to agree or affirm. Because it’s your life.

Your purpose, joy, or destiny can be defined only by you. It speaks within your heart. It resides in your soul.

Yours might be a dream for the marquees and headlines, bringing flash and attention, or money and power. Or your most joyful vision might be to have more time with the love of your life, your children, or writing songs on your guitar.

It might be a secluded, costal cabin, with only wild animal friends; or your own little coffee shop lined with old books. Maybe it's a classroom full of children or a vat full of fermenting cabernet grapes.

You've most likely already found hints of that purpose, but denied it and backed away. Your purpose might be the one path that scares you the most. It could piss off your family. It might confuse your coworkers and clash with your culture. It could go against what others say you're supposed to do or be.

But it's also where you'll find your most amazing self. You are so much bigger than your past or family or culture can measure. You are so much more than old stories about what you can or cannot accomplish. You CAN find the path to your purpose. Start the journey wherever you find joy.

My mission is to help each highly sensitive and empathic person wake up to their power, brilliance, and authentic path. Learn more about Intuitive coaching. Send me an email or schedule a free consultation if you have question. Or book your one-on-one session to get started now.

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