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An Irish Volunteer is based on the true stories of Joe Plunkett and Grace Gifford. Joe is an eccentric, mystical poet and the Catholic son of a count. He joins a secret rebel organization of writers, professors, philosophers, and activists in a revolution against the British Empire. Theirs is a desperate bid for Ireland’s freedom in 1916, as World War I rages in Europe.


After hundreds of years of oppression, starvation, and abuse at the hands of the English, this unlikely group of rebels hopes to create an independent Irish Republic. They are outgunned and outmanned twenty to one, and if they are defeated, they will face execution.


Joe’s friend Grace is a Dublin artist and a Protestant. During the months leading up to battle, their friendship grows into love,

and they plan their life together after the uprising. Grace risks losing her family as she is drawn into Joe’s world of Catholicism

and extremist rebellion.


Joe goes into battle caught between his obligation to sacrifice everything for his country and his desire to stay alive and share

his life with Grace.

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