Our work can lead to big transformation, but it requires your dedication and focus. My clients are ready to take inspired action for intentional change. 

We'll use positive psychology-based coaching, somatic awareness, and mindfulness techniques to discover and disarm sources of anxiety, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome, while developing intuitive guidance, confidence, and clarity of purpose.

We'll refine your vision and create a plan with concrete and actionable steps so you can make it a reality. 

My clients learn to embrace and express their BIG empathy and sensitivity as the superpowers they are, and create meaningful change in all aspects of their lives, including spirituality, creativity, relationships, health, career, and overall wellbeing.


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Motivation and Confidence

No one-size-fits-all programs.

Your sessions are designed for your unique challenges, gifts, and goals:


Insight and Clarity

Develop tools and strategies to overcome overwhelm.

Get to know the voice of your intuitive guidance.

Define and refine a clear vision of exactly what you want in life. 

Get clarity about what motivates and inspires you.

Discover hidden gifts, strengths and talents. I guarantee some of these will surprise you!

Challenge limiting beliefs and old stories that are keeping you stuck. Disarm imposter syndrome.

Set firm, loving, and authentic boundaries.

Take concrete and actionable steps, leading straight to your goals.

Create a daily practice to lay the groundwork for transformation. 

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What happens in

Coaching Session?

Basically, a coaching session with me is a deeply clarifying, intuitively inspired, conversation focused entirely on you. I help you unload limiting beliefs and messages (from culture, family, etc.) that are blocking your innate wisdom, so we can sort out what will bring your life the most joy and meaning. Then we create an action-oriented plan to get you on that path. We generally meet once or twice a week, for a minimum of a month or two, but that's totally up to you.

Individual sessions are $95 and run 50-60 mins


Your first session will be a a little longer--around 75 mins--so I can explain the coaching process and find out how I can best support you, without using your coaching time.