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Intuitive, heart centered massage and energy work

for ease of mind, movement, and spirit 

The body's default setting is one of balance and vital health…if only we can get out of the way. Wear and overwork can take its toll, especially if our nervous system gets stuck in the stress-induced Sympathetic State (fight/flight) which puts all healing on hold to attend to perceived imminent threats. The problem is that we often get locked into this urgency mindset and can’t find our way out

The Parasympathetic State, on the other hand, is brought on by letting go of all that stress. It allows the body to repair damage, rejuvenate the immune system, loosen tense muscles, and replenish reserves, leading to a happier, healthier, well balanced state of mind and body.


Massage can help us relax into that healing state. That’s what I aim for in my sessions:

Deep and healing therapeutic relaxation.

Your Massage


Savor your blissed-out, muscle melting, totally relaxing massage based on Swedish and pain-free deep tissue techniques, with elements of Chinese Tui Na and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. A heated table and aromatherapy make your relaxation complete. Your session is all about you taking time for yourself, relaxing completely, and feeling amazing in your body.

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60 mins - $85
90 mins - $120 - With extra time for more focused work on one or two areas, like neck and shoulders, whole back, feet and lower legs, etc. 
30 mins - $60 - When you don't have much time for more or only want work on one focused area.
At this time. I am only scheduling massage appointments with previous and current clients, friends, and referrals. If this is you, contact me below and I'll send you a link to my
private scheduling calendar.
Otherwise, subscribe for updates and I'll let you know as soon as I'm open for new clients!
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