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What Every Empath Needs to Know

As an Empath coach, I’m frequently contacted by highly sensitive and empathic people who want to better understand themselves.

A lot of them can't explain what's going on. Some feel overwhelmed or confused and don't realize that they are sensing what others feel, emotionally and physically. Their own strong emotions combine with the feelings of those around them and they can’t always tell them apart. They often respond to all this in one of two ways:


After doing some online searching some highly sensitive and empathic people decide that that their “problem” is being an Empath--like it’s some kind of mental illness or character flaw. When they contact me, they seem to be hoping for treatment of some kind--maybe even a cure. This is no surprise at all, given that a lot of what you’ll see online makes it look like being an Empath is some kind of affliction.

...Or Relief!

Others are happy and relieved to recognize themselves as Empaths. They were going through life in our often brash and insensitive culture thinking they were weird, weak, “oversensitive,” or just imagining things.

Then they took my Empath Quiz and started to understand that they are gifted, not disordered. Click here to take it now if you haven’t already.

In our crowded, noisy, and chaotic society, surrounded by so many insensitive and unaware people, big empathy and sensitivity don’t always feel like gifts. And I get that! But you can learn to turn your sensitivity into a strength. Then you’ll realize what a huge benefit it can be for you—and what a gift you are to the world!

What it means to be an Empath and why it can be a challenge sometimes...

Empaths have very high levels of sensitivity. They sense the moods, energy, and feelings of those around them--in addition to their own--so experiences in general have a bigger impact. It’s like the volume is turned way up on life in general. But it's totally normal and healthy!

Just like people have different personalities and learning styles, we all have different levels of sensitivity.

All you need to do is find ways--that work for you--to turn down the volume on all that input. There are a lot of healthy and constructive ways to do this. Something quick and easy, that will start helping right away, is to stablish a meditation practice. It doesn't have to be anything formal or complicated. You don't have to wake up super early or sit a certain way. It's just a little time to get quiet and let your mind settle--in whatever way works for you--even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

In addition to establishing some regular quiet time, remember to take some slow, deep, belly breaths when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Try to find a little time alone, in nature, or with plants or animals.

It’s important for Empaths to develop a mindful awareness of their own bodies, feelings, emotions, and needs.

As an empowered and self-aware Empath, you’ll be a huge gift to those around you.

Most likely, you already are! You’re the one who knows how your loved ones are feeling and what they need. Maybe it’s a sad friend who really wants someone to talk to but is feeling too vulnerable to ask.

Maybe it’s a family member or coworker who seems to be angry--but deep inside they’re feeling guilty about something they don’t want to face.

You can sense that there’s more to their behavior than what’s on the outside. You know what to say to help them relax and open up to you.

Your potential to help is massive. And just a little focused care, awareness, and appreciation of yourself and your gift can go a long way. You can avoid the overwhelm of your big empathy and enjoy the benefits.

If you’re a highly sensitive and empathic person, believe me when I say you can learn to handle the challenges of your big sensitivity while enhancing and harnessing its powers for a more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful life than most people can even imagine.

Are You an Empath? Take the quiz now to find out!

My mission is to help each highly sensitive and empathic person wake up to their power, brilliance, and authentic path. Learn more about Intuitive coaching. Send me an email or schedule a free consultation if you have question. Or book your one-on-one session to get started now. Subscribe for the next blog post.

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