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Breakups and the Six of Swords

Moving through and beyond the loss of love.

Whether you’ve chosen to leave a relationship--or you’re the one who's been left behind--you know that love isn’t always enough to hold two people together. There are myriad possible incompatibilities based on things like temperament, attachment issues, geography, lifestyle, values, and differing visions for the future.

Even when there's earnest hope and devoted commitment, things don’t always work out.

Whatever the reason for the heartbreak, it can be hard to see the silver lining of this very stormy cloud. But I promise you it's there if you look for it!

If we are willing to take an honest look at what we did to cause problems—or why we chose a partner who caused us so many—we can learn lessons of great value, leading to more self-awareness, maturity, and wisdom.

Even better, when we go back out into the world, radiating our more evolved and emotionally intelligent presence, we attract new partners and opportunities that will lift us even higher. They'll take us further in life, helping us fulfill our potential and live with more purpose and joy.

"Every time your heart is broken, a doorway cracks open to a world full of new beginnings, new opportunities."

-Patti Roberts

The Six of Swords

One of the most powerful and evocative cards in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck is the Six of Swords. Like most Tarot cards, it can symbolize many things, depending upon its placement and context.

But it is often about leaving behind something that no longer serves us. About moving through and moving on. It could indicate moving away from our hometown, leaving behind a long career, or any other situation that has become very important and familiar to us.

But when the Six of Swords comes up in relation to a breakup, its message can be especially affirming, instructive, comforting, and empowering.

There is sorrow and mourning in the image. These feelings come from the loss of the love we had. But we also mourn the loss of what could have been. Our hope for the beautiful dream we let ourselves believe.

But romantic love is so powerful that it can cause many of us to lose our way, lose ourselves, and lose track of our what’s best for us. The light of hope and passion that shines from love can be so brilliant that it obscures our generally solid logic, reason, and common sense.

I know there are some people out there who are so practical that they would never fall prey to this kind of romantically charged illusion. But I’m not one of those people. Many times, I’ve let myself be blinded by love. I eventually regained perspective and clarity of vision, and had to move on--weighed down by guilt, disappointed hope, and a broken heart.

But we can move on and find something even better. We can wake up to remember what we wanted from life and love. We can find the courage to leave behind what makes our heart feel so heavy.

If we don't, we might get so used to disappointment and compromise that we lose track of what we were hoping for in the first place. We can fall asleep on our dreams.

But The Six of Swords is about a lot more than loss and mourning, It also shows hope and the promise of new beginnings. The huge, metal swords are sharp and heavy, but the boat remains afloat. Even though the passengers look cold, sad, and tired, they are resilient and courageous enough for the journey. And they are moving toward a new land in the distance. Hope. Another chance. A new beginning.

There are More opportunities ahead that can only be accessed by leaving the past behind.

So much possibility and potential lie on the other side of a difficult decision. Finally letting go of false hope is sad but it can also be liberating.

There is relief and lightness that comes from unloading the heavy task of continuing a relationship that doesn’t seem to work no matter how hard we try.

If you've been left behind, please remember that it's healthy and healing to give up on trying to prove your worth to someone who can’t see it.

There is a person out there who will acknowledge and appreciate you for who you are and what you have to offer. But to make your heart available to them you need to accept and mourn your loss then prepare to start a new journey.

Note on why I use Tarot in coaching sessions:

Along with other great coaching and mindfulness tools and techniques, I often use the Tarot to help clients access their own creative and timeless inner-guidance. We all have blocks and filters that can keep our deepest desires and motivations hidden--even from ourselves. We can get stuck in ruts and old ways of thinking that hold us back in life. The powerful traditions, archetypes, metaphors, and symbolism of the Tarot can help us move past our limited, analytical brains and provide a broader, more intuitive perspective.

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